Top 5 casino destinations

There are a lot of casino blackjack malaysia destinations that you can choose from malaysia trusted live casino if you are into gambling. They do not just offer you gambling but also you can explore the cultural heritage  and natural beauty of the place. Nothing can be compared to each other, and every place has its way of attracting people. They offer you a refuge from your hectic lifestyle and allow you the time to relax so when you come back you are more focused and less worried about it.


Nothing can replace Macau. It is the gambling center of the world and has a very rich history as well as boasts of diversity. Even though gambling in China is prohibited, in Macau it generates more than 60% of the GDP of the place. It attracts a huge touristy crowd to the place. The territory generated $37 billion from gaming in 2018 which is way more than Las Vegas. There is a lot of games that you can choose from and it is also the home of one of the largest casinos in the world that has a floor of 55,000sq ft.

Las Vegas:

When you are in Vegas, things are simply out of this world. The glamour offers you is beyond comprehension. From high-end cars to high-roller games, it has it all and if you are tired of gaming and gambling, you can always enjoy its elegant restaurants. A favourite of Hollywood, Las Vegas is a city that gives you everything in a trip.

New Zealand:

In Casinos, New Zealand may not be popular but it has its share. There is at least one casino in every city. The designs of these casinos have been planned in such a way that it represents the modern marvels of engineering as well as lives up to the standards of the casino industry. The country offers an experience that is second to none and if you want to explore its natural surroundings, its breath-taking landscapes are the first thing that will take your breath away.

Marina bay:

Singapore is new to the game, but the Marina Bay resorts have helped the country to make a name for itself. The casino is one of its kind and the resort has 2000 rooms, swimming pools and all other amenities that you’d expect in a modern resort. The country has also a rich history and cultural heritage that is worth exploring. When you are in Singapore, you will be amazed by what you get.


Aviation Club De France was opened in 1907. It is the oldest casino in Paris. The city of lights offers a gambling experience that gives you a taste of royalty and vintage at the same time. This is something that you don’t get every day.


There are a lot of countries that are making a name in the casino industry in recent days. Japan is set to establish its first line of casinos that will surely add a unique location to the list.

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